Cossington Parish Council

The Big Tree of Cossington

The Big Tree memorial stone was erected in 2015 in remembrance of the famous BIG TREE OF COSSINGTON  - a mighty 80ft high Elm Tree which dominated the centre of the village where Bell Lane meets Middle Road with its branches spreading out across the roads. It was felled due to terminal disease in 1977. The original stone tree surround and seating area is still in place.


The Parish Council decided to erect a fitting and lasting monument to this important historical landmark after several unsuccessful attempts were made to plant a replacement tree in the years since its passing.


Over the years the  tree was also referred to as “The Pilgrims Tree” ,”The Hanging Tree” and “The Great Tree” – with Great Tree Farm just opposite. Local legend has it that the famous Methodist Preacher John Wesley preached underneath it – and that the infamous Judge Jeffries conducted public hangings from its boughs.


Below are some thumbnail historic photos of the Big Tree - along with some photos of the new stone being installed. Also there is a link to an extract from and old article from "The Link" magazine with reference to the Big Tree and village history.

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